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No Touch Door Opener Accessory Tool Handle with Stylus

Stop touching handles with your hands! Touch-less door opener, this door puller tool will help with that and more! Including a stylus rubber tip to swipe a phone, tables, checkout at a register, etc

These times call for protection against germs, however; there are many other types of bacteria as well that can affect the body and each individual; So why not protect yourself whenever possible. Ships from the USA in Phoenix AZ usa shipping

No-Touch Key Handle helps with that and much more.Sanitary stylus keychain comes with a keyring.

Stop touching contaminated surfaces and avoid Direct-contact with surfaces while out of the home. (never have direct contact with doors or buttons with this tool again)

This Handle No Touch Key features a rubber tip to allow you to touch glass and open doors or more without possibility of hitting it against metal or glass. Rubber tip will absorb the impact allowing you to push doors or click the keypad at the ATM, Gas Stations, Elevators buttons and much more.

The handle also allows you to open and close doors without ever having to touch the actual doors, ever! Contact less door opener keeps you safer with a touchless door hook opener you can use in grocery stores and other places.

Easy to carry around, lightweight and comes with a key-ring attached for a home key or other keys to be added to it.

And for those that like a soda or beers in a glass/metal bottle, it also offers an Cap opener for those types of bottles so the benefits continue post events.

It grabs around many types of handles, to allow for and easy opening.

Carry-it alone, or purchase the retractable badge holder / toggle piece Pull Reel separately, which allow to clip or hang from your belt, purse, pants or just about anywhere for easy access, by simply pulling the string with the keep and once done release it do go back. Check them out here:Retractable Reel Holder

 How to use Touchless Door opener :

Insert you finger through the back hole and hook on to the handle and either Pull or Push, either one works great and you are protected at the same time.

These are available in 3 different color/metal options to work for you: Nickel, Brass or Chrome plated.

Choose the best one for you, or stock up for you and your family, so they can all be protected at all times and avoiding touching surfaces that may be contaminated.

Protection at School, Work, Business, ATM, Gas Pumps, Grocery stores and many other places where keypad or door handles may be contaminates with germs or viruses.

 (many not work properly on some screen protectors on phones and tables, or many have to press a bit harder)




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